New Public Enemy

So here is some new P.E. called "Say It Like It really is". Im feeling this Track and the Video. It sounds like Mista Chuck is rejuvenated on the Mic and isn't taking any prisoners this time around. Glad to see Public Enemy back together again making great music.
Nibbles Tidbit Corner
Did you know that Mellow Man Ace and Sen Dog from Cypress Hilll are Brothers?

Do you Remember an Old School Canadian Group from Ottawa that came out in the early 90`s called Ground Control?? They played there Video on Much Music everyday. Well it turns out that the white guy in the group that looked like Vanilla Ice (he was the DJ and dancer) is now a part of the production duo Midi Mafia!! These are the cats that produced 50`s 21 Questions!! Check out Ground Controls Video Another Dope Jam Below

New Joell Ortiz!!

There is no slowing down this Kid!! This is my favourite song right now. Ortiz is a beast on the Mic period. He dropped his 6 song EP, on Friday for free Online. This is just a taste of what his Free Agent Album will sound like. Tell me this Kid can't rap??


Statik Selektah

This song has gotta be my guilty pleasure. The Track is smooth as hell. It features Termanology, Bun B, and MassPike Miles (who??) Gotta admit Term and Bun did there thing, and Statik cooked up a hot beat. But MassPike's hook is kinda wack...

More Joell

Okay I had to drop one more Ortiz Track. This one is also off the Farewell Summer EP. It's actually called Farewell Summer also. I love the way Joell just murders the Track and doesn't use a hook, just straight Venom for mearly 5 minutes. New Jacks take notes.

Age Ain't Nuttn' But A Number

If your under 30 you probaly never heard of Chi Ali, or seen him on AmeriKKKa's Most Wanted. This is a nice mini Documentary of the Road Runner behind bars talking about his life and downfall. He also spits a couple of bars at the end. His debut album The Faboulous Ch i Ali was a good album, and it was produced by the Beatnuts.

Rock The Bells Wrap up.

Is it just me, or did it seem like Rock The Bells came and went and it wasn't really covered on Hip Hop Blogs?? Well here is a RTB wrap up with the Wu and Toure. Also on a Rock The Bells note, why didnt RTB make its way up North to Canada this year??

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Entourage Season 7 Finale (Already??)

I`ve been boycotting BET for the last couple of years, but thats another story all together. I`m gonna write a Blog later explaining why I`m boycotting that wack Network. But I was told the other that my boy El Debarge performed on the BET awards so I found the Viral of it and I watched it probaly 20 times in the last day day or two no lie!! El Debarge is one of my favourite artists of all time. Check out my Light Skin brother with the good hair rock the mic like its 85 again!!!
Rhythm of the Night
This Season of Entourage has gotta be the shortest Season for a TV show in Television History, I swear they just started Season 7. And we also lost one week cause it didn't air Labour Day Weekend. But let's keep it moving. Good Finale, lots of guest apperances. Look really hard & you could see a member of SlaughterHouse in the background??!!