Kool "Giancanna" Of Rap

In my opinion G Rap is the greatest to do it, and the greatest to spit it. The Game was definatley named after him. Here is a 10 minute plus Audio Clip of Giancanna talking about everything except for Superhead. G Raps new album drops early next year.
Nibbles Tidbit Corner
Did you know that Mellow Man Ace and Sen Dog from Cypress Hilll are Brothers?

Do you Remember an Old School Canadian Group from Ottawa that came out in the early 90`s called Ground Control?? They played there Video on Much Music everyday. Well it turns out that the white guy in the group that looked like Vanilla Ice (he was the DJ and dancer) is now a part of the production duo Midi Mafia!! These are the cats that produced 50`s 21 Questions!! Check out Ground Controls Video Another Dope Jam Below

New Skyzoo

Skyzoo is probaly the only MC that is younger than me that I listen to. Dude is nice on the Mic. I had this Track for about a month now, and I've been killing this on a daily basis. Now Sky, drops a visual for this bass bumpn', Jeep driving Track.


Good*Fella Media: Kool G Rap (Interview) from Good*Fella Media on Vimeo.

Buddens, Kweli, And Price

My first complaint is that this song took over a year to come out!! Second complaint they added another un needed R&B hook to a dope Hip Hop Track. But you cabn'y deny this Track is still hot. Doc Ish produced this one. My only question who bodied who?

Joell Ortiz Rips The Windy City

What can I say??....Joell is that dude right now. I'm speachless. He drops at least 3 new Tracks a week on us, and the thing is, there better than most MC's dopest Tracks. Watch Mr. Yaowa World Wind through Oprah's town like he owns it. YAOWA!!!!

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Tommy Lee On Chelsea

My favourite Rocker Tommy Lee, talks to Chelsea Handler about family, acting, and his new album with Methods of Mayhem album. In this Clip Dr. Feel Good, talks about how his album is composed of fans sending him there music and him putting the best Tracks from his fans on the Album. I wish Hip Hop artist would take some initiative like this.

Tahiry Chops It Up With The Syndies

This Clip reminds me of why I don't date girls that like Hip Hop music!! The Syndies would actually be a cool show if these girls weren't so "gutter". Shout out to Maya the B, cause she actually keeps it classy on this show. Tahiry goes for some self promo.

Pharoahe Monch Releases New Track

I`ve been boycotting BET for the last couple of years, but thats another story all together. I`m gonna write a Blog later explaining why I`m boycotting that wack Network. But I was told the other that my boy El Debarge performed on the BET awards so I found the Viral of it and I watched it probaly 20 times in the last day day or two no lie!! El Debarge is one of my favourite artists of all time. Check out my Light Skin brother with the good hair rock the mic like its 85 again!!!
Rhythm of the Night
This is a new one from Pharoahe. I searched the entire Net for the actually MP3, but I can't find it anywhere. So for now enjoy the video of Pharoahe spittn' it live on air in London. The Track is hot, but the singing is a lil' annoyn' but the lyrics and the flow is
so amazing that it overshadows this un needed R&B hook. Ohh ya its called "Clap".