New Big L

Here is the first official release of the new Big L Album. It s an update of one his first song's called Devil's Son. Its Produced by J Love. This Track sounds really good, even though its full of recycled lyrics. Its always good to hear some Big L Joints regardless.
Nibbles Tidbit Corner
Did you know that Mellow Man Ace and Sen Dog from Cypress Hilll are Brothers?

Do you Remember an Old School Canadian Group from Ottawa that came out in the early 90`s called Ground Control?? They played there Video on Much Music everyday. Well it turns out that the white guy in the group that looked like Vanilla Ice (he was the DJ and dancer) is now a part of the production duo Midi Mafia!! These are the cats that produced 50`s 21 Questions!! Check out Ground Controls Video Another Dope Jam Below

BET Guru Tribute

Here's BET's Guru Tribute. I heard this didn't even air on those Wack Hip Hop Awards the other nite. But thanks to Miss Info, I found this one on her site. It doesn't even surprise me that BET left this tribute off. My boycott of BET continues....


Dr Dre. And Dipset

When I first heard that Dre was working with Jimmy and his Chain gang I didn't believe it. But judging from this footage it's actally true. I wonder how much Dre charged them for his Production duties?? I'm actually looking foward to hear what this sounds like.
BET Videos

Joell Ortiz Interview

Ms. Hernandez does a interview with Mr. Ortiz. He talks about everything from Dre Dre, Yaowa watches, SlaughterHouse on Shady and more. To all Canadaian Joell Ortiz fans, I heard through the grapvine, Joell will be doing a Canadian Tour in November!!!

Freddie Gibbs Feat Sean Price & Tek

I still don't have a clue who Freddie Gibbs is, but I do know that Sean P, and tek of Smif n Wessun kill this track. This is off of YN's Rap radar Mixtape dropping soon. For all my Real Hip Hop Headz, you will reconize the Instrumental right away. It's beat jacked from a 90's white Rapper named Milkbone who use to be down with Naughty By Nature.

Mood Music 4 Trailer

Here's Mouse's latest trailer for his Mood Music 4 Album. This is actally favourite Trailer from this whole series. They have all been really good and emotional, but this one takes it to another level. It finds Joey in Surburbia, with his mon, wife and kids.

The World Needs More "SkillZ"

I`ve been boycotting BET for the last couple of years, but thats another story all together. I`m gonna write a Blog later explaining why I`m boycotting that wack Network. But I was told the other that my boy El Debarge performed on the BET awards so I found the Viral of it and I watched it probaly 20 times in the last day day or two no lie!! El Debarge is one of my favourite artists of all time. Check out my Light Skin brother with the good hair rock the mic like its 85 again!!!
Rhythm of the Night
You gotta love these Internet Viral Clips. Skillz reanacts BET's Wack ass Cipher. But kills it. Skillz takes the same concept and flips it, and makes it his own. Skills blacks out and does a crazy freestyle over that same Skull Snaps sample Premo was flippn. Stephen Hill seen this freestyle, and announced that Skillz will be added to next years Cypher.

Skillz: BET Cypher from Visually Inklined on Vimeo.